Tested and Reviewed by Arthur

I paper-trading The Symbiotic Lay System for 14 weeks. There are positives and negatives to the package.

So lets start with the positive; over the 14 weeks the system has generated 620 qualifying bets, 541 of these were winning bets, i.e. the horse did not win the race. This is an 87% strike rate, which is none too shabby. Starting with a bank of £250, and using stakes of 1% of bank, the bank now stands at £900, a profit of £650 in 14 weeks.

The sales page offers a money-back guarantee. I didnt take up the offer, so don’t know whether this guarantee is honoured.

So, to the negatives.

You get a 19-page manual, only page 15 contains the system. The rest is the usual padding, which may be of some use if you do not know what a Betting Exchange is, or what Laying is.

The manual is poorly written; one of the criteria is “has the horse pulled up”, but this is a flat only system. OK, technically possible but rare event. I know other people who have read the manual and not implemented the system because it is that bad.

I asked for clarification of the manual by e-mail and received no response. So my experience is that after-sales support is also poor, and this does make me have some concerns over the validity of the offered guarantee.

To make a profit you do need to assess each qualifying race, which could have you sat at your computer for over 9 hours. The system uses on-course prices, so you cannot fire-and-forget.

Which leads to the next negative; there is a non-trivial amount of work to do to assess possible selections in the last few moments before the race starts. You can feel under pressure and might make invalid judgements.

As a competent programmer, I have been able to code a bot to alert me when the system identifies a qualifying selection. Without this, I think I may have a different view on the system. Please do not ask for a copy of the bot as not only is the Authors copyright involved, but Racing Posts and Betfairs too, and publication of the bot would land me in a heap of litigation!

In conclusion, this is a system that appears to make money, if you can live with the negatives. As I do have a bot available, I will continue to use the system., I doubt that I would without the bot due to the hassle involved.

This system is classed as Neutral.

The system can be found here: https://www.cash-master.com/symbioticlay.php