This is a long overdue update on The Syndicate service.

The summer flat racing part of the service has now finished and we’ve now moved on to the National Hunt season being supplemented by the Winter All Weather Flat service.

I did ask about how to work the change over with regards to betting bank. They say that they use the same bank for all the services, so I have kept it going as the one main bank but I’ve also produced a complete record sheet for our time with the summer flat selections and have now started ones for the Jumps and for the All Weather services.

With regards to performance, if I were just judging the service on what we’ve seen so far, ie the Summer Flat season, it’d be a no brainer of an Approved rating. It made 61 points of profit during our test period from the latter part of July through to the very start of November. I have, as usual, made sure that I’ve taken note of all applicable R4 deductions and have always applied the correct Each Way terms.

The only difficulty in writing this up is that the service I can attest to has now finished. The National Hunt service has got off to a quite rocky start and is yet to unearth a winner, it’s currently around 11 points down. The All Weather service has been much more successful in its first week or so, it’s recorded a profit of almost 7 points already. It should also be pointed out that while the summer season saw lots of selections and around 100 bets per month on average, both the National Hunt and the All Weather are less intense and less action on the cards.

So, the flat service gets APPROVED but the rest of the service remains on trial as we’ve only just started. With a full 30 day Free Trial available and then monthly subs of £50, this is a service that I’m very keen on and look forward to seeing how we get on over the winter.

Flat results HERE

Overall results HERE

You can get a free trial HERE