I am starting a review of The Target man, a horse racing tipster from the WAP Tipsters stable. The service costs £41 per month or £87 per quarter.

Boasting an impressive 140+ points since May 2019, +170 to BSP, this looks like a fabulous service. There has not been a losing month so far.

What you get is an email mid-morning (9ish) containing a small number of lowish odds selections, typically 2 or 3.

A stake plan is included which works off a 300-point bank. Level stake betting is recommended at 5 points. So, I will record level stakes using 5 points and also record profits using the stake plan. I will use the advised odds in the email but won’t use BOG as this is a perk that is offered at the bookmaker’s whim. I will also record using BSP with 2% commission.

As normal with Cash-Master I will convert points to cash using £10 per point. You’d need a real bank of £3,000 t stake at this level.