Only one National Hunt meeting today at Taunton, after the abandonment at Ludlow. The results were as follows:

Potential Selections: 5 (there were two more for Ludlow)
Selections Remaining (after EPs): 1

Bookie EP P/L: -£5.00 (To date -£115.00)
Betfair EP P/L: -£5.00 (To date -£115.30)

Bookie SP P/L: -£5.00 (To date -£105.00)
Betfair SP P/L: -£5.00 (To date -£103.90)

Normally we would run a test for a month to see how it performed, but as the weather has been disrupting the fixture list, and will continue to do so for the time being, I will continue the test for the next couple of weeks.