A full programme of racing today, with three National Hunt meetings at Doncaster, Sandown and Wetherby. The results today were:

Potential Selections: 25
Selections Remaining (after EPs): 20 (one later became a non runner)

Bookie EP P/L: -£12.50 (To date -£227.50)
Betfair EP P/L: -£11.80 (To date -£203.50)

Bookie SP P/L: -£17.50 (To date -£222.50)
Betfair SP P/L: -£14.65 (To date -£218.55)

Why do the figures look a bit odd? Well there were two winners today!!!! However, both were in races where there were multiple selections, and there was a number of races where there was multiple selections. So overall, still a loss on the day, but the bank is still on life support.