Hello Everyone, I am running this test on The Three Key National Hunt Racing System. This is a selection system from Anthony Gibson, and comes in the form of a seventeen page e-book. Without giving away too much about the system, selections are made from certain trainers, with a price floor of 5/1 (6.0 on Betfair).

No form study is required, but access to the free information on the Racing Post website is. It is possible to find selections the night before racing, but access to the morning prices means that access to a computer is required fairly early in the day.

For those that like an easy life, selections are available at 11am on a dedicated phone line.

A betting bank of 50 points is suggested within the book, using level stakes only, and I will use bets of £5 per selection for the test. I will record prices at approximately 10.30 (both best bookmaker and Betfair), and the Starting Prices from Betfairs results website.

Wednesday 9th December
Just two National Hunt meetings today, at Leicester and Hexham. The results were as follows:

Potential Selections: 4
Selections Remaining (after EPs): 3

Bookie EP P/L: -£15.00
Betfair EP P/L: -£15.00

Bookie SP P/L: -£15.00
Betfair SP P/L: -£15.00

Not the best of starts unfortunately, but there has been a great deal of rain around over the last few days.