There were no trades yesterday but 1 pip profit today. Hurrah. I’d like to thank readers Phil and Donald for pointing out that there is a new version of tufxp available for download in the members area which has a very useful new feature. Basically there is a new box to tick in the PTP setup screen which enables a low-volume filter that gets rid of many false trades. So it won’t display any PTP’s if the trading volume is low. Had I used this filter on Monday I would not have got those losing trades and so I think from now on I will have this box ticked. It may mean less trades but if that means less losing trades then it can only be more profitable over the long term.

Today I had a confirmed long trade that actually got stopped out on Tufxp but not on my trade because of my 3 pip buffer but it did stop me out properly around 20 minutes later, probably due to the medium impact news realeased at that time. It would have been a good trade to scalp for 20 pips or so but I don’t do scalping.