I didn’t trade yesterday but looking back at the chart there would have been around 70 pips profit on the GBP/USD. The 3 pip buffer on my trailing stop would have saved me from being stopped out at 44 pips profit.

I got saved from a losing trade this morning because the signal came half an hour before a high impact news item at 9am and we don’t enter trades before news items. Interestingly the news item was for the EUR chart on which we got the trade signal, but we got the same signal at the same time on the GBP/USD chart. These two currency pairs tend to copy each other pretty closely and I was right not to enter a trade on either as they both dive bombed at the same time at 9am. There were no other qualifying trades today.

Also, I had an e-mail from Simon last week regarding him not getting a trade signal when I did, although he was using the same settings. Support suggested a fix which sounds like a good thing to use anyway. Basically you set up your charts using both feeds, Barclays and Tullet. This can be done by opening up a chart in the normal fashion, but prefixing the TGBPUSD with a #, so it will read #TGBPUSD. The same with #TEURUSD. This method should also remove any bad ticks that you sometimes get with the Tullet feed that do not appear on the Barclay’s data.