34 pip loss on the EUR/USD this morning and 35 pips lost on the GBP/USD. Not a good morning. Then to finish off we had a third losing trade of 28 pips on the EUR/USD this afternoon! What a day. 97 pips lost in total. Just hope some people using my settings got the 70 pips profit on Monday.

This was by far the worst day for Tufxp with my settings in fifteen weeks. Still, can’t be too disheartened. It’s hardly put a dent in the 1478 pips profit that these settings have produced in those fifteen weeks, which averages out at around £1000 a week at £10 a pip.

My heart goes out to Donald though who started trading for real this week! Chin up, this is a long term game so hopefully you should make that back over the next week or so, fingers crossed.