Friday 12th September

Another no trade day for me on Friday so I ended up finishing the week with an impressive 2 pips profit. Paid for my Chinese last night I suppose.

Interestingly one reader, John, e-mailed to say he got a 78 pip long trade on Friday afternoon using the Tullet/Barclays Pair (here we go again!) with my settings. He now only trades GBP/USD but has both 5 and 10 minute charts open for just Tullet, and for the Tullet/Barclays Pair. This actaully seems a pretty good idea. We know that each feed gives different trades, and we can be pretty sure that the strike rate for each feed is pretty much the same. The problem comes when you start jumping around between feeds as you could miss the winners and hit the losers. But I suppose if you were to just trade one currency pair and have the 5&10 charts open for Tullets, and for Barclays, and possibly for the pair too, then you are going to get more trades with the same strike rate. At the moment I’m getting a lot of no trade days so I might seriously consider giving this a go next week. I too have  noticed that the EUR/GBP currency pair doesn’t seem to be doing a lot for me so maybe this is the way forward.