Final Review

Back in May 2008 I came across The Ultimate Forex Predictor after being asked by several readers if I could run a test on it. I decided to give it a go and what I thought would be a normal blog test of a month or so turned into an epic journey into the weird and wonderful world of currency trading.

So first of all, the bottom line… profit.

From June 08 until July 09 trading at £10 a pip level stakes, and using a specific method of trading described below, the system made £56,270 tax free profit.

I’m not an accountant but I’m guessing that would equate to the take home pay of having a job with a salary of around £80,000 a year, where you can knock off at 3pm every day and actually spending most of the day watching telly or doing what you want as long as you are listening out for an audio alert on your computer two or three times a day.

A lot of people ask me if I had to choose just one betting system or trading method and not use anything else at all to make my income, which would it be. Without hesitation I would say it has to be the Ultimate Forex Predictor. The income potential of this little bit of kit is mind boggling. I’ve been trading at small stakes but there’s no reason why one can’t compound the winnings by using a set percentage of bank per trade.

So what’s Tufxp all about then?

Basically it’s a bit of software that monitors the prices of the currency markets and will signal you as to whether it thinks the price of a currency will go up or down. You can then place a bet on the market going up or down and you will win if it goes in your direction and lose if it doesn’t.

It might sound complicated but it’s really not. The program comes with video DVDs that explain how to set it up and once you’ve run it for an hour or so it’s dead easy to do. No prior knowledge of trading is required at all.

Now, you can alter a wide variety of settings within the program so that you can adapt the software to suit your particular requirements. Most people starting out with it will just use the default settings however I quickly discovered a method of using the software to increase the winning strike rate, and profit, quite considerably. This method has been tweaked a bit over the last year and I know for a fact that there are a substantial number of other people using my method themselves. It’s been great to get feedback from other users and recently a number of readers have helped me crunch some numbers to help tweak even more profit out of it.

You can find my particular method outline on the blog here:

For new users I would seriously recommend using this method from the outset as you will get exactly the same trades as the rest of us and therefore will be making a decent profit from the start.

There are also other methods you can use with TUFXP, and I will be creating a section on my website where I will share these methods, for free, for people that wish to experiment with different settings and strategies.

When you purchase TUFXP you also get access to a members website where you can view video tutorials and daily updates from the TUFXP team plus you get the telephone numbers of the five full time support staff who are happy to talk you through it if you get stuck on anything.

All in all I would have to say that this is one superb product. It’s something I shall continue to use for the foreseeable future and I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in creating a superb income from home.