21st April

A winner on the first trade:

Daily Profit: £200
Total Profit: £1480

There was a winner at 6.15 too but the parabolic was the wrong colour on entry so no trade with my method, and you can probably see another winner at 9.30 on the chart but I stop at 20 pips profit and get on with something else. Don’t want to get greedy.

The publishers of TUFXP have temporarily made it possible to pay for this in four monthly installments rather than in one go. This means you can try it out on the 30 day trial for 25% of the normal cost and if you decide to keep it, which you probably will, you pay the other three installments the following three months. So you could actually use your earnings from TUFXP to pay for itself as you go along.

If you don’t have The Ultimate Forex Predictor already you can get it here: