Just a quick post to clear up some confusion about my TUFXP method. I’ve had a few e-mails from people telling me that some of the trades I’ve posted didn’t qualify because the Parabolic indicator was the wrong colour on the PTP candlestick.

As I explained on my initial post, you enter a trade on a QUALIFIED PTP, this means, if the market hit’s the entry point within 15 minutes (three candles) of the PTP signal then the PTP will turn from a circle to a filled dot. But you only enter the trade if, at the time of entry (so on the entry candlestick), the parabolic and the MA are the same colour as the direction you are trading (so red for a sell trade or green for a buy trade). These are the indicators on the ENTRY candlestick.

Some readers have been using the parabolic and MA on the candlestick with the PTP on it. This is pointless because that is one, two or three candlesticks back and is not reflecting what is happening at the time of entry.

Hope this helps!