27th April

A winner on the first trade:

Daily Profit: £200
Total Profit: £2280

I had an e-mail from John at Dubai Strategies who showed me a screenshot of 15th April where he had a PTP that didn’t show on my chart, and I had a Super PTP that wasn’t showing on his. I noticed this last year when readers would occasionally get a different PTP and I’ve never had a satisfactory explaination for this. I assume it’s something to do with the data feed and how the software works out the PTP’s based on the data it’s receiving. Fortunately 95% of the time everyone seems to get exactly the same signals so over time it shouldn’t make much difference. No doubt I’ve won and lost trades that other people haven’t due to missing signals. The particular trade on Johns chart at 6am was a qualifying trade and I would have taken it had I got the signal.

I am using the FXCM feed: GBPUSD.FXCM