Just an update on last weeks trading with Tufxp.

I actually started trading for real last week but for the sake of continuity I’ll use the profit figures based on continuing from my first month with a starting bank of £2000. To be fair, they are getting ridiculously high now and we have to wonder whether the actual spread betting firms would fill these orders. From what I’ve heard they would but others have warned of ‘delays’ when placing orders at that level. I have no experience of this so to keep it real, you may just want to look at the pips profit per day which, if you were just level staking at £10 a pip, is nothing to be sniffed at.

Bank: £15,023

16/6 +104 £7,800  (£22,823)
17/6 +14  £1,596  (£24,419)
18/6 No qualifying trades.
19/6 +66  £8,052  (£32,471)
20/6 +44  £7,128  (£39,599)

Week profit: £24,576


Ok, so it’s looking like I’ve turned £2000 into £39,599 in five weeks with compounding.

As I say, I’m not sure whether we could actually bet at £162 a pip at IG Index, but the week at £10 level stakes would be £2,280 which I’m guessing would be more realistic and still very welcome.

There was a losing trade on Friday around 12.45 costing around 17 pips but since I had already made 44 pips I didn’t take it as advised by the developers. If you make a profit in the morning, take the afternoon off!

A reminder of my settings…. PTP10, trailing stop 4 bars. Only trade when a PTP signals on both the 5 minute and 10 minute charts.