Friday 7th November

There was a trade just after 8am Friday morning on the Tullet 10 and 15 minute charts that would have resulted in a break even had I traded it as it went far enough into profit for me to have moved my stop to breakeven as soon as possible:

Unfortunately, the buy trades signalled later were too many pips apart for me to get involved.

So thats just £140 profit this week after another quiet week. Hopefully it’ll pick up again next week. If you look at the menu bar at the top you’ll see I’ve done a ‘My Tufxp Method’ page. This is for reference for new users who wish to copy my method.

Next week I might try running a few more currency pairs to see if I can squeeze some more profit out of this. I’m not sure running several feeds really gives that many more trades so it’s time for more research.