Hi there,

Apparently my post yesterday has caused some confusion with some people.

As I said, the publishers of The Ultimate Forex Predictor are offering a one off deal whereby you can spread the payment over three months instead of paying it all up front.

So your first payment is for a third of the full price then after a month, if you decide to keep it, you pay the second installment, and then a month later you pay the final installment.

Effectively what this means is that you can try out The Ultimate Forex Predictor for 30 days without having to pay the full amount up front, you are only paying the first installment. If you decide to keep it, you pay the remainder over the next two months.

Some people have taken this to mean that the product is for sale at a third of the price. No it’s not. It’s the same price but spread over three payments.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

If you want to try out The Ultimate Forex Predictor you can get this special deal for this week only here: