Apologies for no post yesterday. I woke up with Man Flu and am obviously incapable of doing much at all (except picking superb lay bets). I’ve decided to take two weeks off for Christmas and New Year, partly just to have a break, partly because I’m going away and I’m not confident enough in my Three internet dongle thing to keep me connected during a trade, and partly because the trading will probably be a bit dodgy over the holidays. So I will be resuming trading on Monday 5th January.

For those that want to trade over the holidays using my method and would like to know if they got it right, one of my readers has kindly agreed to e-mail me his trades and profit/loss figures and I’ll post them here. Thanks for that Tom.

Monday 22nd December (Toms trades)

Have had a very hectic trading session this morning! I was fully expecting very little to happen at all.
Had one max loss (within seconds), then a breakeven, and finally ended the morning with a nice 120 pip profit 🙂
Hope you managed to get on that one as well.

There was also a very nice trade on the EURUSD at 10:10 and went again for another 100 at least but the entries were 22pips apart. Shame.

Good start to the week anyway

Tuesday 23rd December (Toms trades)

I was only trading for the morning today however here are the results below for the GBPUSD and EURUSD of Dec 23rd

Only 1 Qualifying Trade on the EURUSD at 2:20 on the 10 and 15min chart
Went 50-55 pips into profit, which returning for about a 30pip profit.

No other qualifying trades at all.