Monday 2nd February

It turns out I’ve been missing a few good trades due to one of my charts not working properly! My 10 minute GBPUSD chart wasn’t showing any PTPs even reducing the intensity down to 2. I closed and re-opened the chart and now it’s working. This would explain why I’ve not been getting the same trades as some of you last week. Irritating.

I’m going to run with the 10 pip stop loss for a few weeks to see how it goes. We know the method works well with a 35 pip stop already and one of my readers is keeping a detailed log of the progress of each trade using different variations of initial stop and trailing stop etc, so in a few months we should be able to see which is the most profitable method. I’m also getting some interesting e-mails in from new readers to this blog with their own successful methods of using Tufxp and with their permission I will be posting these methods on my dedicated tufxp page.

This morning there was a losing trade on the EURUSD:

But 80 pips profit on the EURGBP:

There also looks to have been around 80+ pips on the GBPUSD but my 10 minute chart wasn’t working at the time and I saw this trade when it was fixed: