There were two possible trades this morning. The trouble was the second trade, which was a winning trade occured whilst the first trade was in play. I had an e-mail about a month ago from a guy that is using Tufxp very effectively, and he explained that he always entered a trade when he got the signal, regardless of whether he was already in a trade… so he would open a new trade, effectively doubling up if the trade was in the same direction, or trading off  if it was going the opposite way. I’ve personally not tried this but I guess it is something to look into. I’ve certainly seen a lot of trade signals in the same direction and I can see the potential of a lot more profit by opening more trades.

Today, if I had took the second trade I would have halved my loss for the day but I think I’ll stick with what I’ve been doing for now, as I don’t want to complicate it for new users that are following my trading.

So 22 pips down today but we can’t win them all… still very much in profit for the week so far.