I’ve decided to continue to post my TUFXP trades because I had about 30 e-mails from readers asking me to so I’m happy to oblige. Apologies to those not interested in it.

Another good week. I personally didn’t trade yesterday as I was travelling to Spain, however, I’ve looked back at the charts and see there was a nice 43 pips profit to be had on the GBP/USD and a small 12 pip loss on the EUR/USD a little later, making an overall 31 pips for the day.

So thats another 125 pips profit for the week (£1,250 at £10 per pip and I won’t even bother working out the profit if I had been compounding my bank… needless to say, it would be huge).

I have not had a losing week with TUFXP and I’m glad to hear that many of you have decided to use my settings as I’ve heard the default settings that come with the software are just not profitable, or at least people seem to have struggled with them.

Anyone using my settings will have the same results, so although you won’t be trading much, perhaps one trade a day, some days no trades, the profit speaks for itself, and that surely is the whole point isn’t it?

I will write up another article at some point, or maybe even do a little video, to explain exactly how I use TUFXP so successfully. It’s not rocket science but judging from some e-mails I’ve been getting, a few readers have been straying from the path and getting their fingers burnt.

Remember… PTP strength of 10. Trading 7am-11am (my preference) and 1pm-3pm if you haven’t already had a good trade in the morning. Trailing stop of 5 bars. All other settings are default.

Open 5 minute and 10 minute charts for GBP/USD and EUR/USD so you have four chart windows open on your screen, with the 5 minutes at the top and 10 minutes at the bottom.

You need to get a PTP signal on BOTH the 5 minute chart and 10 minute chart over the same bars, so it’s happening at almost the same time. If you check my charts you will see that the filled red or green dots are in the same place on both charts. This is essential. Don’t take the trade if they are not in the same place.

Enter on the second bong which will be the 10 minute chart usually. Manage your trade by moving your stop in line with the 5 minute chart trailing stop but add 3 pips to the figure indicated to allow a bit of a buffer. Don’t enter a trade if the entry point between the 5 minute chart and 10 minute chart is more than 15 pips.

That, my friends, really is all there is to it. This has been working extremely well for me for nearly 3 months now so I do feel this is a long term earner, even a career change if you want it to be.

Trading by the pool for me this coming Monday. Can it get any better?