Losing trade on the GBP/USD this morning with the market reversing almost immediately on entry and hitting the maximum stop for the first time in the three months that I’ve been using this. So I took a hit of 29 pips. Looking at the charts it’s not unsurprising that it moved this way as the general trend has been down for over a week now and this entry signal came at a point of sideways movement. Still, a signal is a signal so I took it. There was a red signal set up within the hour but the pip difference between the 5 and 10 minute charts was over 15 pips so I didn’t take it, and the same on the EUR/USD, which was a shame as that would have been a good trade (189+ pips and still going!!!). There was also an excellent trade in the afternoon but again, the 10 minute signal came a bar too late and was too far away to get involved with so I’ve had my first losing week with tufxp of -38 pips, which is hardly devastating considering my weekly profits up to now. At times like these it’s easy to start doubting my particular settings when I miss really good trades like today, but it’s the long term that matters and these settings have saved me from loads of losing trades over the last three months so I’m not going to start complaining now.