It was like pulling teeth today although I ended up with a perfect smile.

A pretty straightforward losing trade this morning with the market just retracing right back costing me 13 pips.

Then as I was about to quit for the morning and go have some lunch, another trade appeared. It was actually just after 11am at which point I normally stop, but the green circles were on the 10.50 and 10.55 candlesticks so I thought, what the hell, give it a go (professional talk for making a considered investment descision).

The next hour and a half saw the trade move sideways, going nowhere, and with my stomach rumbling I almost considered closing the trade at a breakeven but had the descision made for me as the market finally moved… and carried on moving until just before 4pm locking in a pretty decent 114 pips profit to end the week on. Sweet.

So another profitable week for TUFXP at 177 pips.

The sum total profit so far, had I carried on with the previous staking plan, is detailed below. The price per pip today would have been £363. Of course, although I’ve been told IG Index will accept up to £500 a pip, I seriously doubt I would get my trades matched as quickly as I am currently. When the trades move fast even now I have had trouble getting the price, one day giving away ten pips trying to get in a trade.

Still, it’s fun to see what ‘could be’:


30/6 +12 +£2424    (£42,926)
 1/7 -4  -£860     (£42,066)
 2/7 +48 +£10,080  (£52,146)
 3/7 +4  +£1044    (£53,190)
 4/7 No Trades


 7/7 +76 +£20,216  (£73,406)
 8/7 -22 -£8,074   (£65,332)
 9/7 +22 +£7,194   (£72,526)
10/7 No Trades
11/7 +101 +£36,663 (£109,189)

Bank: £109,189

So there you go. I’ve turned a £2000 betting bank into £109,189 in 8 weeks… if only!

Still, on a more sensible level, at £10 per pip I made £1,770 this week which is pretty respectable for a ‘mechanical’ trading system.