It was one of those days today whereby had I used a six bar trailing stop loss I would have cleaned up but using a five bar still did ok.

I had a losing trade this morning with a retracement that just hit my stop before going on in the right direction again. Sods law in action but still only an 11 pip loss.

This afternoon was better with winning trades on both GBP/USD and EUR/USD making 51 and 25 pips repectively. Again, the EUR/USD would have made double the pips had the stop been 6 bars but hindsight is a wonderful thing and completely irrelevant. The 5 bar trailing stop has served me well and no doubt saved me a lot of pips on losing trades so it’s swings and roundabouts. A good day overall.

I’ll continue with these daily updates until the end of July for those that have bought tufxp and want to follow along. After that, I’ll do updates by request, perhaps by e-mail for users that want to stay informed.