A cracking morning. Nothing quite like earning £1330 by 10am!

I actually broke from following the system mechanically today by taking an early profit instead of waiting for it to hit the stop. I had moved my stop into a nice profit and left my desk for fifteen minutes only to find, on my return, that the trade had made 133 pips and my profit box was looking far too good to risk losing so I closed out the trade and took the money. I remember being advised that anything over 70 pips should be regarded as a windfall and to take the money and run, so today I did.

The trade was actually a great trade even when it did eventually hit the stop at 109 pips profit.

I really hope anyone using tufxp decides to use these settings. I can’t take any credit for them as they are just what I picked up from the daily tutorials, but in a way, me keeping it very simple seems to work a treat. The daily video tutorials in the members website are very informative and I’m learning loads about forex, but I’ve still just been sticking to the mechanical settings as that is what I wanted from this system, and you can see the results for yourselves.