Friday 21st November

A great end to a very good week with a nice and simple 100 pip profit trade just after 9am this morning and I’m not going to even bother looking for anything else today.

So thats £3,150 profit this week at £10 a pip and the six month total now stands at £30,770.

I had an e-mail from a reader this week asking if I use the other indicators available to help with my trades and although I’ve had a bit of a play, I must admit that for me, too much information just confuses me and makes me wonder whether it’s right to get in on a trade or not. So I prefer to just use my proven method outlined in the dedicated page (at the top). It’s geared for forex dummies like me who just want to go in on a mechanical signal without the need for any decision making. The figures speak for themselves and I’m happy with them the way they are.