Wednesday 21st January

There looks to have been potentially a good trade on the EURGBP just after 7am. Depending on how close the IG Index price was to TESS then it was either a break even or possibly around 50-60 pips profit:

I had a losing trade on the EURUSD just after 11am. I normally stop at 11am but this trade was lining up so I decided to wait to see if it qualified. Wish I hadn’t:

And another losing trade on the EURGBP. This was on the 5 and 15 minute charts so it took a while to qualify:

This afternoon I had yet another loser on the GBPUSD, and unfortunately a 35 pip stop would have made this one a winner I think:

So 30 pips down and a bad day in what has been a pretty poor couple of weeks so far.