Monday 26th January

I had an e-mail from a reader this morning pointing out a new feature on the latest version of TESS that I was unaware of. Apparently, now you have the option of choosing between the High/Low or the Close in the Edit Trade Calculation Tool. Mine is set to High/Low by default so that is what I have been trading with since I upgraded TESS a few weeks ago.

I don’t know what the default setting was before, but if it was Close, then this would mean I’m now getting different entry levels to those I was previously using (which could explain the difficult few weeks I’ve been having).

Does anyone know what the previous setting was? I ask because it worked well on whatever it was before so if I have inadvertantly changed the settings then I need to change them back.

(EDIT: Thanks to Simon for contacted support to find the answer which saved me the hassle of contacting them. The default setting was previously High/Low so installing the upgrade doesn’t change your previous settings.)

No qualifying trades for me today.