Hi, I’ll be trying this system for the next four weeks and will report results every 7 days from the 1st December.  VHM is a horse betting system which, as the name implies, shows you how to choose bets on the basis of value, not on form. As shown in the very comprehensive 87 page, well-written ebook, this is a mathematical process, requiring no prior knowledge of horses or form.  There is some judgement required to choose likely races from which to pick your bets but from then on the included calculator helps you to choose a suitable bet from those races and also helps to construct it in the most advantageous way.

It’s a fairly quick process to pick out the races which are most likely to produce a bet and it’s also convenient that you don’t need to be hunched over the computer for every race, you can carry out the whole process in the morning if you wish, or in a few minutes during lunch time, though you might miss some early races in the winter doing that.

For the purpose of this trial, I shall imagine a bank of £500, divided into 50 points, with stakes being one point, or £10. I don’t believe that the average person who seeks a system to improve his betting results is likely to have a large bank, or be comfortable with large stakes. I certainly wasnt when I started and I still don’t aspire to the so-called industry standard £100 staking. In any case, those who wish to do so can multiply my figures by whatever decimal point shift they wish.

The author of the method, Neil Smith, makes the point that you will only be finding your bets from about 15% of the races on any day and this was borne out by my first attempt: I only identified one race to examine. The winter period is not the best time for betting anyway, with cancelled meetings, withdrawals due to unsuitable going and so on. However, I identified a suitable bet, structured it according to the rules with the aid of the calculator and although the horse lost, the way the bet was constructed allowed me to escape with a small loss, far less than the stake. Today, however, I found two possible bets and both came home, wiping out the previous loss and leaving me with a profit.

So, we start as follows:

Starting bank            £500

Current bank            £521.76

ROI     23.4%