Monday 15th December

Two weeks into the trial now and slowly accumulating a profit. With the meagre racing available at this time of the year, we have managed only 16 bets from the ten days when races qualified. Strict application of the rules limit’s the number of bets you find and these numbers reflect that. Theres nothing fixed about this: e.g. on Saturday, there were five meetings scheduled but two were cancelled and one was Irish, which I don’t now use as Ive found value hard to come by on those. There were no qualifiers at all from the other two, yet there were two from Sundays two meetings. However, I have found that there are often bets which, having absorbed the systems principles of finding value, one recognises as very acceptable wagers despite them not quite reaching the standards required by the rules. I have therefore started to keep a record of those as well for my own interest and I will report the results at the end of the trial.

I have continued to take a fairly cautious approach in constructing the bets with the calculator, limiting risk as before. This inevitably reduces the profit level so that the balance is probably advancing at a slower rate than the strike rate justifies and also lessens the ROI. Still, we will be better able to decide on this at the end of the trial.

  Current bank  £547.62
  ROI     8.86%