Although I completed a months trial of this system at the end of December, I was intrigued by the success it enjoyed then and was keen to see if using it a little more adventurously, as I suggested at that time, would pay off. Therefore, I decided to carry on for another month for my own interest, with a view to using it personally subsequently if the results were confirmed.

Although I began to realise that I was being a bit too cautious during my first month, I felt I had to carry on to the end of that test without changing the conditions, so I continued to screw the risk on the bets right down and despite that, achieved a very good strike rate and a respectable profit, as I reported

Starting out in January however, I eased the risk limiting slightly, giving the strike rate a chance to show it’s muscles and the result was indeed better. Still held the good rate of successful bets, even improved it slightly and just about doubled the previous months result. Although the weather still didnt help, with many cancelled meetings, there were about 50% more bets in January, some probably due to me easing my acceptance levels slightly and the profit per successful bet was higher. Still sticking to my £10 level stakes, the paper result was £197 made in the 28 days.

Anyone taking on this method will have to accept that there arent a huge number of bets on the average day, although I expect this will increase when the weather relents. The author says that one may expect only 15% of races to qualify and I would add the rider that the calculation of the possibilities doesnt always justify a bet even then, though this depends on your level of acceptance of return and risk. You have complete control of what you will accept as a decent bet and risk and I suspect that you might become quite bold when you become really familiar with the method. I have no hesitation whatever in saying that this is that rarest of beasts, a system which actually works.

For the present poor level of bets from these weather-stricken meetings, a £300 bank would probably handle the £10 staking I have used, but when the better weather and hopefully more bets show up, I think something more like the £500 I originally set would be necessary. However, the results suggest that the bank would probably grow to meet that need, by then.

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