Monday, 8th December

One week into the trial and a small increase in the bank; there have been some small losses along the way but we now have a move forward – and any profit is a profit.

This period, of frozen or slushy racecourses, hasnt afforded us many selections and there is a temptation to take on bets which, although they don’t reach the threshold required to be a bet under VHM, one is nevertheless tempted to accept since the calculator indicates that there is potentially a good profit to be had. However, I am sticking to the requirements of the system though I am sure that I would be pleased to accept some of these apparently unacceptable bets.

I have also taken a very cautious approach, using the calculator to take very low-risk bets, an approach which has impacted the ROI figure to some degree; I imagine that in the real world we would operate rather less cautiously and having compared this with a more adventurous approach, I think I could relax my standards a little. However, I don’t want to change methods too much part way through, so I’ll carry on as I have, for the next week at least.

I must say that I am finding this an easy system to implement: I start the process about 10.30am and have usually finished calculating the bets in little more than 15 minutes. Of course, at a more productive time, this would take a little longer but nonetheless, the ability to complete the whole bet selection process in the morning, with no need to follow the races live is a very good aspect of this. Indeed, the author cautions against checking races closer than 40 minutes before the start because value tends to evaporate after that.

So, current bank  £537.47

ROI     9.84%