Final review

The email tips from this service have stopped coming and communication has stopped, in spite of my appeals, so it’s time for a final review a week or two earlier than planned.

Obviously with the admin failure I’m not going to recommend this service. Had it not been for that, though, I would have awarded this a neutral rating with a view to extending the trial. Because although the service lost overall, there is plenty to like about its potential.

So – this is a horse racing backing service where tips are provided by email on the night before racing, with simple one point wins. It must not be confused with The Value Hunter Service from the Betting Gods. Cost is £24.50 a month, and in the lead up to the review, the service claims to have made over £11k profit in 8 months to £50 stakes, with no losing months. The vendor offers to add the length of paid subscription free in the event of a losing month. Unfortunately, all the months of the trial were losing months, which is perhaps why he’s disappeared. However, the losses haven’t been huge and, as I say, there’s much to admire about the service.

First off, I would say it’s strange to call this a “value” service. Results are recorded to BSP less commission, so even though current odds are given at the time of the tips, it is unusual to claim any value at BSP which, after all, is supposed to be the best indicator of a horse’s chances.

But there are many punters out there (me!) who are very keen to find a service (Holy Grail) which wins consistently at BSP. And I can say that the recorded results since the test began are absolutely spot on, so I have no reason to doubt the earlier claim of profits.

The trial started on August 30th. There have been 215 bets at an average price of 8.55 BSP. 27 wins (inc 1 dead heat), 12 non runners and 176 losers for a 13% strike rate. All three months were losing months, with an overall loss of 31 points and ROI of -15%.

I’m disappointed with the non communication. To me this looks like a service that could profit long-term and is much more attractive than one which fires in the odds-on tips at 5 points every bet, even if it shows more short-term profit.

Nevertheless, the only option for me here is to FAIL this trial.

You can try The Value Hunter HERE