£2966 per month.

That’s what you would have averaged in clear profit each month over the last 5 months backing the Value Machine selections to £10 level stakes.

The Value Machine is the (sort of) new offering from Kieran Ward over at Make Your Betting Pay.

It’s the first time he’s made new spaces on The Value Machine generally available in a good few years – and his decision has been prompted by some game changing upgrades and improvements to the software

It is a super simple web based software with nothing to download and it finds ultra-profitable value bets literally at the click of a button.

You can set it up to find exactly the kind of bets that fit your risk profile and you can even get it to automatically send those selections direct to your phone via the Telegram app.

If you feel like being cautious, you can even paper trade the selections it finds for 30 days, safe in the knowledge that if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, Kieran will give you every penny back.

And you can ‘suck it and see’ at a massive discount with a 14 day trial

These spaces will not last long so…

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