If you’ve been following along with the goings on over at Make Your Betting Pay this week, you’ll be well aware that my colleague, Kieran Ward, is releasing some subscriber spaces on his game changing Value Machine software.

So what is The Value Machine?

The Value Machine is web based software that enables anybody, regardless of experience, to identify value priced horse racing selections at the click of a button.

The Value Machine has had a group of loyal subscribers since it was first made available all the way back in 2016. Since that time, The Value machine has been tweaked, refined, improved and upgraded on several occasions.

Here is the overall performance from backing every single selection identified since he added telegram alerts in July 2021 (which made it a lot easier to track a benchmark performance):

Bets: 62,587

Wins: 10,001

Profit/Loss: +6220 points

Profit on Turnover: 9.94% 

If you had backed these selections to just £10 win stakes since July 2021, you would have made an astounding profit of £62,200! 

That’s an average of more than £2591.67 profit every month. To £10 Stakes.

There are very few if any methods out there that can come close to those figures.

Best of all, Kieran has put together an incredible deal to ensure that it will be affordable for everybody to give the software a two week test drive.

Plus it comes with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee!

It’s a complete no brainer, get it here