One final post about the Wholesale Formula before the this special promotion closes at 8am on Wednesday 12th here in the UK. As a reminder the Wholesale Formula only normally opens once a year, and that is usually in January or February. This is a special promotion in conjunction with a company called Rapid Crush, who are very well know in the Amazon selling world.

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There is a final live webinar on Monday evening at 9pm here in the UK. If you have any further questions unanswered about this opportunity, and are interested to find out more then you should attend if you can.

Why is this a Special Offer of The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula regular price is $2497. This is the only time they have co-promoted their training. Rapid Crush are know for their genuinely fantastic Bonus packages. This time is no different and their Bonus pack for this offer is worth as much, or more, than the core training and provides a great start to setting up the business.

So much so that whilst I already had access to this product, I have actually bought it again to get all these bonuses as it will save money!

The Bonuses include:

  • Done For You Wholesaler Website – Value $999.95
  • Manage by Stats software – Value $719.64 / year
  • Sellermail software – Value $719.64 / year
  • Listing Level Up Training – Value $3125
  • Keyword Radar training – Value $3125
  • Brand Bait Custom Template – Value $2000
  • PPC entourage software – Value $564
  • Margins Software – Value $582
  • Search, Find, Buy training program – Value $1997

Total Value of this one-off Bonus package is $13,832.23 in the first year.

When you invest in The Wholesale Formula, if you aren’t overjoyed with your results, you can get every penny of your investment refunded back if you request it within 30 days of your purchase…

NO QUESTIONS ASKED – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you love it, stay and if you don’t you will quietly and promptly be returned your money.

Simple as that.

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