Just a follow up after the Wholesale Formula Training that ran live on Tuesday. The webinar replay is now available, so you can watch it on demand without registration. I have spoken to a number of friends and readers as I thought I would cover a few of the most common questions that have been raised to me.

Is this another “get rich quick scheme?”  No, certainly not. The Wholesale Formula is run by a couple of guys, Dan & Dylan, from a small town in Kentucky, USA. They were actually helped a lot by the guy who delivers the webinar, Jason Fladlien, to develop their own successful amazon business about 6 or 7 years ago. They now have a multi-million dollar business as third party sellers on Amazon.

Is this Guaranteed to be a success?  No. But then neither I, or anyone, can give guaranteed success for anything because some people will be given glorious information and then fail to take action.


Is The Wholesale Formula a proven system?  Yes…. absolutely! Dan & Dylan started The Wholesale Formula as a way of giving back and giving others a helping hand. They now have a large and thriving community who are following their method. At their live event last year they had 421 there who, between them, had sold over $520,000,000 dollars (yes over half a billion) of products between them.

Is The Wholesale Formula reliant on you being the next Richard Branson or Elon Musk…an entrepreneurial genius, to make it work?   No. It is a system, a formula, that you can follow and if you apply the system can create an ongoing, and growing, income.

Does this process take shed loads of time to operate?   No. There is a need to learn the process initially of course, but most people start The Wholesale Formula whilst holding down their regular job. As their income grows then they can decide to scale or not. Many people doing this have then even outsourced the few days-to-day tasks and are effectively bringing in passive income every month, courtesy of Amazon.

If we are in the UK can we do this? Yes, absolutely, and there are many people doing just that. It took me about 2-3 hours to get everything set up so that i can sell in the USA. I can of course sell in the UK as well.

Success for one person may be to clear $2,000 per month PROFIT

Success for the next person may be to clear $20,000+ per month PROFIT

The truth is that if you can get success with one simple product then why can you not replicate that over and over again, utilising the most awesome selling machine on the planet… Amazon… to help you?

Please give yourself the opportunity to find out more, watch this training and then come to a judgement. Most people I have spoken to end up watching it more than once to get their head round all the information. The replay is available for just a few days so I would recommend taking a look.

Watch The Webinar Replay Here