Something a bit different for Cash-Master readers today, but something that has a proven track record and incredible results over the last few years. It is something that I know works, and I have met many people over the last few years who have had their lives transformed by it. What are we talking about? Read on to find out…

“Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” – Mark Twain

Smart man!

This current Coronavirus pandemic has thrown most of us into a spin, especially anyone reliant on one form of income, and that income has affected your ability to work. Not a problem though for Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Amazon’s stock price has just hit an all time high. Shoppers around the globe are turning to Amazon, and that means that Amazon needs you.

You may not have known that the vast majority of Amazon products are actually sold by people like you and me. An even more amazing fact is that 1 in 5 of those sellers sell more that $1 Million of products every year. This is how you can sell the most boring, overlooked, mundane products online, but become extremely excited and passionate about it! Let me tell you the story of a guy named Raul who tried every scheme under the sun to get financial freedom. I met Raul at an Amazon Selling conference in Las Vegas 2 years ago.

He had failed every time. 

He started selling some very boring products in a field he knew nothing about and had zero previous experience in… and he started bringing in money. Not a lot at first, just a few grand a month. But he was only putting in a few hours of work.

While “doing it by the numbers”

You may be aware that selling products on Amazon is, according to USA Today & many other publications, the best way to earn a living online. What most aren’t aware of is that Amazon publishes its data, so it’s 100% accurate. You know exactly how well each product in each category is selling. This number is updated every hour of every day. If you look a little deeper, there are all sorts of other definitive data that can inform you exactly of what products you can sell on Amazon that require the least effort to start making sales. To be clear, we’re talking a handful of sales a day, not a million. 

Raul went from selling his product part time on Amazon, while working over 40 hours a week as a critical care unit nurse, to full time over the course of a year. He went from a couple of grand to a couple more, to low five figures per month to mid five figures a month within 18 months.

As long as you do it in the very specific Wholesale Formula way, you could also grow an amazing Amazon business. There is a free webinar tomorrow, Tuesday 5th, where Jason Fladlien, an Amazon selling expert will share a step-by-step demonstration with you. If this is totally new to you, but it sounds interesting please take a look, I think you will find it very interesting.

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