The Winning Approach Review


As sales of this are already open and there are a finite number of copies available, a long-term review of this product by Jonathan Burgess is not realistic. Jonathan Burgess has a good pedigree as False Favourites and Race Specialist come from the same stable (pun definitely intended).

What you get is four manuals covering the all-weather tracks in the UK. Each manual contains a wealth of data regarding aspects such as which month favourites tend to win, or over what distance. Therein lies problem number 1, for a wealth of data read tonnes and tonnes; more information than most people will ever need, understand, or use I fear. When I first opened the manuals it did knock me back somewhat. You are advised to print the manuals out for easy reference, but I happen to like the Rain Forest and a ream of paper seems a tad excessive!

However, buried within the manuals are some strategies on how to use the data. Perhaps these strategies should have been in a summary guide, with the statistical tables there to provide support for the strategies if people want them.

So, this is not a set of 5 to 8 rules that you apply to Racing Post, Sporting Life, Daily Mail or whatever. It is not a quick system, and still requires you to expend a fair amount of effort in order to arrive at a selection. Even then, because of the weight you give a particular stat you might arrive at a different selection from Joe next door.

For example, you might not understand why favourites have a better strike rate in August at a particular track, so therefore do not put any credence to that stat. You might then exclude a selection that someone else who follows that stat includes.

My reaction when I first read this was that this is a guide on how to read form, and which areas of the form book may be relevant to an all-weather race. Even then, it isn’t a full form-reading guide, but then it doesn’t need to be as the data provided will give you an edge.

Once you have your selections, you’ll need to formulate your own strategy on what to do with them. Again there is a guide for this, but you are left to develop your own methods here.

Difficult to summarise this then; I think this will be over the head of many people, sorry to patronise but there it is. Those that do understand it, and this will take some effort, should be able to use the data provided to give them an edge, and to find value selections. In the end, gambling is about finding value, so this data could be of real interest. So good and bad balance and therefore the only possible rating is NEUTRAL.

I am sure that this product will sell out. I am equally sure that few of the people who buy it will be using it a year from now. This does lead to one last concern; some of the data is time critical. Jockeys retire and new jockeys come through, for example. It is to be hoped that buyers will be offered updates over the coming seasons to keep the data relevant.

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