I have been following The Winning Machine, a horse racing tipping service costing £79.50 + vat per month. Wow, that’s hefty, at that price you’d expect really good results.

For your money you get an email with the selection, odds and bookies where these odds are available. Here is an example:

Racecourse: Newton Abbot
Race Time: 16:10
Racecard Number: 1
Horse: Boko Fittleworth
Advised Stake: 1.5 points win
Current Best Odds: 2.63
Bookmaker(s): 888sport, Betfred, Totesport

So as soon as you receive the email, you place your bet on for the advised stake.

I tracked performance against the advised odds and Betfair SP.

The trial has ended 17.20 points up (using advised prices), that is £172.00 using Cashmaster standard £10 stakes. Subtract 3 months subscriptions, I make this £286, and we have lost £114. We had 250 bets with 88 winners at average odds of 3.01.

Betfair odds actually blew its bank as Betfair odds are significantly lower than the advised odds (average odds of 2.83 before 5% commission is deducted), so this is a bookie only service.

I am going to rate this as neutral. If you used £25 stakes, as suggested on the sales page, you’d have a small profit £144 after subscriptions. Whilst in nett loss, the loss is small enough that a few good wins could easily turn the results around. Although, for close to £100 per month subscription, you would expect a much better performance.

You can get The Winning Machine HERE.