I didn’t receive any selections this week so this trial has ended.

The Wizard Of Big Odds is a horse racing tipster who looks for selections at larger odds. Because of this, I wasn’t expecting a high strike rate; I got 27 wins from 209 bets (13%).

The service costs £40 per month with reduced costs for longer subscriptions.

Tips are texted around 9a.m. and can also be accessed via the website. A backup email is also sent. The text contains selections and betting advice, but the website and email also contain a full write-up.

A 100 point bank is recommended and stakes are increased by 50% when the points bank increases 50%.

As the name suggests, this service targets higher odds, so I was prepared for some losing runs. I also note that The Wizard of Big Odds will go win only on a horse that is 10/1 or higher. He varies the stakes and bets accordingly with how well he thinks the horse will do.

To the advised odds the trial ended 17.29 points up, or £172.90 using the CashMaster standard £10 per pip; this does (just) cover the subscription costs. BSP ended down 16.05 points (£-160) so this is a bookmaker focused service and you need to place your bets as soon as possible. However as these are bigger odds the prices are a wee bit more stable than the favourites.

Looking at previous results, this trial has coincided with a poor run. In my opinion this service hasn’t made enough profit to go with an approved rating, so neutral it is, but the service is quite likely to resume it’s steady growth.

You can get The Wizard Of Big Odds here.