I will be reviewing The Wizard Of Big Odds for the next 13 weeks, a horse racing tipster from Tipsters Empire. The service costs £40.00 per month with reduced subscriptions for quarterly, biannual and yearly subscriptions.

Tips are texted around 9a.m. and can also be accessed via the website. A backup email is also sent. The text contains selections and betting advice, but the website and email also contain a full write-up.

A 100 point bank is recommended and stakes are increased by 50% when the points bank increases 50%.

As the name suggests, this service is going to target higher odds, so I am prepared for some losing runs. I also note that The Wizard of Big Odds will go win only on a horse that is 10/1 or higher. He varies the stakes and bets accordingly with how well he thinks the horse will do.

I record bets using Betfair SP with 2% deducted and the odds advised in the email. I don’t do BOG and that may be disingenuous to this service as higher odds horses are likely to drift, so I’ll keep an eye on this.

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