The Wizard Of Odds Horse Racing Betting System – Final Review

Due to a total screw up with Betting Assistant’s excel interface I have managed to wipe out my Wizard of Odds data. As I was nearly at the end of the trial I am not going to attempt to recreate the data, rather I will wind the trail up at this point.

The Wizard of Odds horse betting system is by Peter Blake, the guy who brought us Dutching Diamond; a system that was successful but received a NEUTRAL rating due to issues with the staking.

The system costs £95 and comes in a word document and requires access to the paper-version of the Racing Post. The online version of RP also has the required data, but it is more difficult to navigate, especially when considering latest/bets/adjusted RPR.  Either way, the selection process is quite complex, although I am certain that with practice it will be easy to identify selections. Bar a few days where, due to illness the phone service was unavailable, I used the phone line with the day’s selections. Please note that there is an additional on-going cost for the tipping service (£40 per month).

I trialled both level stakes and the supplied staking plan using a £1000 start bank in both cases.

The first thing to note is that the published stake plan was significantly more successful that level stakes.

The second thing is that Peter mentions a Strike Rate of above 50% and I achieved 51.2% during the trial. However, that is not the whole story as many selections were odds-on, so that I ended the trail -£29.48 (£-166.10 to level stakes).

As I didn’t make a profit I can’t give this an APPROVED rating, but on the basis that I didn’t lose that much I will give this a NEUTRAL rating.

You can get Wizard of Odds here:

No longer available