This system was devised by former tennis player Boris. We don’t get a surname, so you’ll have to imagine one (actually his name is Gary but there’s no former tennis player of that name that will spring to mind, so poetic licence employed!).
The marketing for this product is in your face:

Former tennis ‘bum’ reveals the insiders secret he uses to make £200+ a day from the pro’ tour…without leaving his sofa!”

Learn this in five minutes…
Copy it in ten…
Profit for a lifetime!!!

That made me sit up and take notice. If I could make £200 a day starting tomorrow, I’ll never have to work again. And it will only cost you £127, so presumably that’s paid for with tomorrow’s win. But they insist there will only be 50 copies sold at that price before it rises to £297, and then £397.


Staggering then that as this was released at least in April, maybe earlier, that cheapest price is still available.
There’s more:

As I said before, unless you happen to be reading this in December, your first opportunity to make money (£200+ a day is well within reach)  will come within 24 hours of ripping open the system instructions. And then you can use the same system in any tour event. Exactly the same system works for the men’s and women’s game – even doubles.

So How Does It Work?

Well it’s based on something that I observed close up, a glitch if you like, an idiosyncrasy in the psychology of some players which  the general betting public just don’t seem to pick up on. It was just something interesting that I noticed at the time,  but I had no idea what to do with it. I couldn’t have bet on tennis matches even if I knew how…but now I’m retired I use it to make £200 a day or more from my living room.

So – I decided to test this out in one of the biggest tournaments of all, Wimbledon.

I must firstly make it clear that I didn’t trade every qualifying match – it’s fairly time-consuming. And I used £20 stakes with which to trade. From the examples shown in the document, it appears that Gary uses £50 stakes. Assuming the average winning trade is around 50%, he would need 8 winning trades and no losing trades for his £200.

Realistic? Well, no. Losing trades are inevitable. I had 14 trades over the tournament, of which 4 were losers and I made an overall profit of £22.67. Although Gary does give steps on how to complete the trades, when to get out, etc, some judgement is necessary. I did make some bad judgements on a couple of the losing trades, but the losers would still have lost, so the best I could probably have done with a bit more experience would have been an overall profit of 3 points. Not too encouraging for my £200!

But there are other problems with this. He claims “but now I’m retired I use it to make £200 a day or more from my living room”. That is simply not possible. The very nature of this system means the opportunities to profit from it diminish over a tournament – and so in Wimbledon, opportunities in week two were sparse, and the same will be true of all tournaments.

Another problem – he claims that “Exactly the same system works for the men’s and women’s game – even doubles”. However, I found a complete lack of liquidity in the doubles matches, and so these were untradable. I’m sure there will be liquidity for doubles sometimes, but those I checked in the first few days had tiny amounts – and this is Wimbledon. Imagine that for the smaller tournaments.

There were also some less high profile tournaments  running at the same time as Wimbledon, but, again, I found a lack of liquidity in these markets.

Another negative, of course, is that if you want to use this for the whole year round, you will sometimes need to be trading in the middle of the night!

So – onto the positives. I do think you can use this single strategy to make a profit from tennis trading. Whether or not the profits you can generate make it worth your while is another matter, but I have only employed the method for a limited time at Wimbledon, and I acknowledge that isn’t enough to give a solid analysis of its potential. I am not prepared to devote the time necessary for that going forward.

There is also a one year unconditional money back guarantee. It has been suggested on another website that buyers would actually have to wait for that whole year before the refund is issued, but I am assured that this is not the case – certainly not for anyone who buys it through the Cash Master link.

My opinion is that there is something in this, that it will be profitable, but that the claims of an ‘easy £200 a day’ are exaggerated. For a single strategy system, it’s pricey and if they do increase the price as promised on the website, it would become absurdly pricey. However, with the guarantee in place, I’m going to put this in the NEUTRAL category. There are some who, with dedication, are going to do well out of it.


You can try the Zig Zag System here: