Just over a week ago I was having lunch at The Institute of Directors in Pall Mall and I bumped into John Harrison of Streetwise Marketing. He mentioned that he had a new book based on making a profit betting on Wimbledon and the other three Grand Slam tennis tournaments throughout the year… The Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. In fact, the method can be used every week, all year round, but the biggest profits come during the Grand Slams. He said it was based on a glitch in the tennis betting market that can be exploited to create a significant profit.

So last week he sent me the manual and I’ve had a look and it does look very interesting. It’s basically a way to almost always lock in a guaranteed profit, time and time again during a match, and it works because of the way players are seeded. You don’t need to know anything about tennis as everything is explained in the manual, and it’s pretty simple.

Anyway, Wimbledon starts next week so I’ll be having a go with this.

One thing that does stand out with this product though is the guarantee. He’s so confident in this system that he’s offering a full 12 month (or more!) refund guarantee:

“Order ‘The Zig Zag System’ on approval. Test out the system for a full 12 months…or even more if you’d like more time. If you don’t make a substantial profit that you’re happy with, simply let us know and your payment will be returned in full.”

I’ve never seen a refund guarantee like this before… essentially you can order it, try it out for a whole year and if you’re not happy just get your money back.

So if you’d like to have a go making some money during this year’s Wimbledon, have a look here: