After consulting with Graham, I’ve decided to end this trial early as I cannot see my opinion of this changing.

The problem, as I’ve said ad nauseam, is the site used to source potential selections.

How can I, with a clear conscience, recommend readers buy this system when the main source of selections is so regularly inaccurate?

It is a site that works out a point rating for each game. How can I trust that the rating is correct if there are constant errors in; the date games are played, the league position of teams, the result of the last relevant game? I think one of the main problems with it is that it is only produced once a week. As any football fan will know, most teams play at least 2 games a week.

The sales page clearly states that this system selects multiple bets (ie doubles, trebles etc) on favourites. You can see the sort of price the selections are from the examples shown on their main page.

This means that for £69.97 you basically get the manual that tells you which site to use and how to use it (which I don’t trust), the rules on price band and a couple of staking plans.

To be completely transparent, my records do show that it is making a profit. After around 5-6 weeks trial in has made 3.4 points profit at level stakes, 6.7 points with the recovery plan and 8 points with the progressive/recovery plan.

Those are decent returns but I can’t honestly say that you wouldn’t have made at least those figures copying the sales page information with favourites you fancy yourself.

I want to make clear, for fairness purposes, that the method does work and will probably continue to work but the decision to end the trial is most definitely a value for money issue and a conscience issue. I will never feel right recommending a product that is based on information I do not trust to be correct. Bearing that in mind, the only usable (in my opinion) information you get for £70 are the bank management plans. Two of which are fairly bog standard, the third is a novel approach that I had not seen before and I consider to be a good plan for a system with a reasonable strike rate.

It would be grossly unfair to label this as FAILED, as it is in profit. The only verdict I am ever going to be happy to stand by is NEUTRAL.Neutral

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