I’m giving the horses a rest for the time being and turning my attention to football. I’d be the first to admit that I am no fan so feel my emotions will play no part in the review. The first product I’m testing is named Three Key Football. Unsurprisingly, there is a loose connection with the number three that I’ll explain a little later.

The offering is from the Steve Davidson family although the book’s author is someone calling himself Dennis. When you make your purchase you are sent to a website to download the product. Having parted with your money it’s good to know that the manual you need is ‘protected’ by a couple of key security measures. Firstly, when you install the file (it’s an exe file so only suitable for Windows users I’m afraid) you have to fill in your email address and submit it before being sent an unlocking code. The site says you will hear back within 24 hours but mine was received much quicker.

When you submit the code you are able to read the manual. As an extra security measure you are not able to print it out. This stops the less honest selling copies to anyone else. So, there is a sense that when you buy there won’t be thousands of others receiving the same information.

As readers will appreciate it’s not that easy to go into too much detail on the selection process as it would make it easy for others to work out. Suffice to say that you are looking for three games that meet certain criteria. When you have found them you place a treble wager with the bookmaker offering the best odds.

To help you out you are given two websites to visit. These provide the matches on offer and odds on each. The book describes the process reasonably well and provides a good number of examples. Since it was originally released it does seem that updates have been added to clarify some of the things you do to make the selections. There is a degree of subjectivity involved in the selections so it won’t be easy for anyone to match results exactly.

Together with the selection process the manual provides three different staking plans. The first is a level staking plan and the other two provide forms of recovery plan to recoup losses. As I’m always told ‘if a system doesn’t make a profit at level stakes then it’s not worth pursuing’ I’ll stick to £10 per point wagers for the trial. The recommendation is a bank of 30 to 50 points. I’ll use a 50 point bank to keep things simple.

As the UK football season comes to an end we will probably be looking further afield for selections. The author does exclude any friendly match but suggests tournaments such as the upcoming World Cup are fair game. Only time will tell.