I e-mailed Three Key Racing the other day regarding the amount of bets we have had and the fact that they were putting out a lot of ‘half stake’ tips but with wishy washy advice like ‘This may be one to just watch today but if you want to get involved then just use half stakes’. Then, when the horse lost (they all have!) they would then include that in their stats saying ‘We’ve advised six half stake bets and they’ve all lost’. In my book, unless they state that it is an actual bet, they cannot include it in the stats.

Anyway, the next day on the tip line they stated that they would only be giving definite bets from now on. So it will either be full stakes or half stakes but every bet they advise will be to bet on and therefore from now I will bet on these and include them in the stats.

We had a bet today advised at half stakes and the horse won. I’m guessing they advised half stakes because of the small field (7 runners). It went off well odds-on at 8-11 but I laid it this morning for 2.55. Still with half stakes and low liability the damage wasn’t too bad. If I had bet on all the half stakes advices I would be well in profit but thats the way it goes. Hopefully they will turn it around before Christmas!

3.35 – Lingfield – Mafeking (2.55) -£81

Totals: -£134