I haven’t updated this for a while so here are this years results in full:

12/1/08  Newbury  Maljimar  3.2  Fell
4/2/08 Kempton Dens Gift 2.76 N/P
7/2/08  Wolverhampton  Avoca Dancer  3.35  2nd
8/2/08  Wolverhampton  Spartan Duke  3.35  3rd
9/2/08  Wolverhampton  Glenridding  3.1  2nd
13/2/08 Kempton Panjo Bere 3.25 N/P
15/2/08  Sandown  Millards Lad  3.45  N/P
17/2/08  Southwell  Haroldini  2.96  N/P
21/2/08  Huntingdon  Wild Ground  3.5  N/P
22/2/08  Sandown  Scotts Dragon  2.98  3rd
23/2/08  Kempton  Numide  3.25  N/P
25/2/08  Plumpton  Massini Sunset  2.46  Fell
2/3/08  Bangor On Dee  Spare Me  3.45  3rd
9/3/08  Market Rasen   Loch Oscaig  2.78  2nd
11/3/08  Southwell  My Friend Fritz  3.00  N/P
22/3/08  Haydock  The Sawyer  3.5  N/P
29/3/08  Kempton  Diamond Tycoon  3.2  N/P
30/3/08  Hexham  Toy Gun  3.25  N/P
11/4/08  Wolverhampton  Straight Face  2.84  2nd
12/4/08  Doncaster  Don’t Panic  2.72  2nd
12/4/08  Kempton  Wigrams Turn  3.45  2nd
12/4/08  Kempton  Irish Quest  2.98  N/P
17/4/08  Cheltenham  Chantaco  3.45  N/P
17/4/08  Newmarket  Pipedreamer  2.78  3rd
17/4/08  Newmarket  Doctor Fremantle  2.9  2nd
18/4/08  Newbury  Pravda Street  2.92  N/P
20/4/08  Wincanton  Porters War  3.45  Fell
23/4/08  Kempton  Sir Duke  2.78  3rd
26/4/08  Sandown  Trans Siberian  3.4  2nd
26/4/08  Sandown  Cape Hawk  2.76  N/P 
29/4/08  Bath  Naughty Thoughts  2.64  N/P

Total P/L: £1550 at £50 stakes.

This has been the longest blog test yet and I find myself in two minds about this system. Just to remind you, this is a laying system that lays short priced favourites with odds no bigger than 5/2. The published results from last year were excellent so I was looking forward to trying this out. It started well with a lay everyday for the first few days, all losing at short prices, and I thought we were on to something here. They even started up an advisory service where they would work out the bets for you so that you don’t have to.

Then it went a bit pear shaped.

It wasn’t that the system was picking losing bets… it just wasn’t picking any bets at all. Qualifying selections completely dried up and I had to feel sorry for them as everyday the message on the line was ‘no bet today’ which got a bit tedious after a few weeks. They attempted to include some backing bets into their service to give their subscribers some value for money but unfortunately they were no good at picking winners so they ended up closing the service pretty quickly. Since then they have been e-mailing me when there is a selection.

I personally got bored with the whole thing and didn’t take much notice after a while. As we can see from the results, however, the system bets are good lays but you will need the patience of a saint to go through the cards every morning during the winter months to find out that there aren’t any bets. Thankfully the bets are more frequent now.

Based on the fact that the system does produce a profit I will approve it. Personally I won’t be using it though. This is not to do with the profitability of the system, more a personal preference. I don’t like Frontline Lay system for exactly the same reason… there is a fair bit of time involved (around an hour) studying the cards to identify selections and this can be demoralising when there are no bets. However, this only puts me off because I have to do a fair bit of work in the mornings already for my own systems and service etc, and I imagine if you  were into laying and only had a couple of systems in your portfolio then this would be a good addition.

They have also reduced the price from £150 to just £65 which I think is more reasonable.

Overall I give this system a thumbs up but with a warning that it is a very selective system and will require some effort everyday. It does deliver good results though and I belive it will continue to do so. This is also a good system if you have to work during the day because you can put your bets on in the morning (if there are any!) and forget about it. Over the longer term this should produce a pretty decent income and seeing as the selections are predominantly favourites you shouldn’t have a problem getting larger bets matched.

Unfortunately though, this system is currently unavailable.