I’ve had a lot of requests to test this system because it has had rave reviews in certain racing publications and websites so I thought I would give it a go. Now it’s laying again, and yes I know we get a lot of lay systems but most of them aren’t up to much or lay at too high prices so this should present a refreshing change.

The highest odds of this system are 5/2 yet the current strike rate is an incredible 90% which, if you work it out, means that you simply have to make money with this.

They have proofed their selections to a reputable betting newsletter (to which I subscribe) and I know the author doesn’t mince his words so I’m already fairly confident about this test.

The system involves a bit of work to identify the selections to lay as you have to go through the race cards and look for specific criteria and make comparisons with the other horses in each race. No doubt this will get quicker with experience but it’s by no means a five minute task like a lot of systems out there. No doubt it is this thoroughness that produces the results though. They do offer prompt e-mail support should you be confused about anything.

It’s a bit more pricey than your usual £47 e-book but ultimately you get what you pay for and if this system is as effective as what I’ve been hearing then it should pay for itself in next to no time.

They have also recently set up a phone line service on which they put up the selections for each day to save you doing the work. This is a monthly subscription but saves a lot of time and obviously should pay for itself tenfold. I have asked them about giving my readers a discount should they wish to subscribe to which they have agreed and they will be giving me a promotional code for you to use to get the discount. I’ll post that as soon as I get it, but there is no need to use the service if you want to find the selections yourself, it’s just an added convenience.

The system comes in two parts, the Patient Lay which, as the name suggests, has only a few selections a month with a very high strike rate and the Regular Lay which gives more selections with a slightly lower strike rate but still very profitable.

I will be posting both Patient Lays and Regular Lays here but only after the races have run as obviously they are running a service and it wouldn’t be fair to give out the info in advance. I will be also be laying to win £100 on each selection (told you I was confident!) after Betfair commission. They recommend a 10% staking plan but I’m not personally convinced by this with a laying system as the liabilities are always higher than the winnings and a couple of losers would take ages to rebuild using 10% staking so for the purposes of this test it’s level stakes and then we can see where we are at the end.